October 24, 2007


on the windowsill --
mason jars brimming
with sunlight


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

And a cat trying to get into the jars.

Blogger Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm the smell of molten sugared fruit :)

Blogger Martin Teigland said...

I have a question about this one, which I really enjoyed, because I am wrestling with the issue of the title. Could this or should this be equally complete without "preserves"? What do the scholars say?

Martin Teigland

Anonymous catnapping said...

the jars are without "preserves." there are no plums or strawberries here.

and as i write this, i realize you are probably reminding me that haiku shouldn't be titled.

of course, you are correct; haiku are not supposed be titled. but that doesn't seem to work for my hillybilly blog. most of my entries aren't really haiku...so i tell myself 'it's okay.'

otoh....it might work for me to go back and only remove titles from those entries where actual haiku was attempted.

Anonymous ardi said...

love your images

Blogger hakuisan said...

on the windowsill --
mason jars brimming
with sunlight

Yes, leave off the titles. It seems like you are trying to explain further that which doesn't need explaining. No periods either.

You have written a fine haiku. It is strong enough to stand by itself. You caught a moment that is excellent and immediate.


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