June 21, 2007

10 more weeks of this...

Summer's palm
pushes bare feet
into soft tar.


Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

This is a wonderful blog! I came here via a comment you left on my blog and am so glad that I did. Even the name, combining haiku and hillbilly, is unique and brilliant.

Blogger Tikkis said...

Interesting work! Cheers!

Blogger Anonymous said...

Stop complaining!

Blogger tsduff said...

Nice visual... I remember when the hot sun of summer made the tar and gravel road turn melty.

Blogger net-net4 said...

Hi there !
Always nice work !
How is going ?

Now i edit thoughts and poems every first thursday of a month...
So next time will be the 5th of July...
If you want to leave me some of your words i will be very glad !

When i turned blogspot towards the new version some of the texts became anonymous...
It will be useful if you come again and leave your link one more time :)

Read you soon


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