February 22, 2006


restless for spring
one thought chases another
squirrels across the lawn

February 18, 2006

Four Seasons of Bush

Bush knows what to do
Win terrible things happen.
He sucks on a beer

The crack of a bat
Springs Bush into action.
But he drops the ball

Sum mer tickled that
Pavement gave Dubya the smack
that his dad should have

His dogs watch idly,
as Bush inhales a pretzel,
and Falls to the floor.

February 16, 2006


tucked in old rags
under a wooden porch …
4 sleeping kittens

February 15, 2006

inversion low

An early morning
dressed in grey flannel
follows me to work.

February 13, 2006


Hide in the basement
wearing your brightest orange.
Cheney has a gun.

February 06, 2006


my fingers remember
creases in your laughing face
brillo-padded beard

February 05, 2006

two every four

waiting to swallow,
eyes on the pendulum,
aspirins on my tongue

February 02, 2006

in missoula

groundhogs bathe
in february’s shadow.
does winter notice?

February 01, 2006


I bury my face
in the luxuriant coat
of your memory.