February 16, 2006


tucked in old rags
under a wooden porch …
4 sleeping kittens


Blogger Pat Paulk said...

Like this!

Anonymous Rebecca said...

thank you, pat. it's bitterly cold out, tonight. i've brought them scraps of fabric, and i've actually heated some canned catfood for mom.

Blogger Shane said...


Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you threw me! the title and the 1st line had me thinking you was talking about a person

Blogger Pragmatician said...

Yours? Or were they wondering around in your garden?

Blogger texas haijin said...

i echo shane.

Blogger American Crusader said...

Very nice...a talent I lack completely.
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous Rebecca said...

these are strays. today i took mom and the 3 of the kittens to the animal shelter. it's bitterly cold here. one of them didn't make it though the night last night.

they'll be euthanizing the kittens, and spaying mom.

i really wish people would not dump their pets in the wild like this. most cats don't even know how to hunt, because they're taken from their mothers too soon. and besides..it's too damned cold for a small animal to stay warm.

i'm beginning to be of a mind that neutering pets should be mandatory. there are so many that need homes, already. why bring any more into this world? only to have them end up dumped in someone's field.

shooting a dog or cat dead in the head is kinder than leaving them to starve or freeze to death. what a horrible way to die.

Blogger Luna said...

thank you and welcome to my blog =^.^=

Blogger whitney said...

i feel very much the same way as you about pets, rebecca.
i worked in a no-kill dog shelter for years and everyday i became more and more upset with the way people treat their animals.

Blogger ardi k said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work, but so sad about the kitten who didn't survive. We've had a real problem around here with strays as well, just heartbreaking.

Blogger Borut said...

Had a similar experience. Can’t brush it off…

Blogger FARfetched said...

Thanks for visiting. After checking out the front page, I had to link to your site — you’re truly a master. Hope you don’t mind!

We’ve done a few kitty rescues at FAR Manor, and I had to relocate a litter out from under my previous residence. It’s sad the little ones got euthanized in your case, though.


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