January 22, 2009


To the rhythm
of chattering teeth, he whistles
a tune in one note.


Anonymous ruby said...

I'll give it a swirl. I like to be creative and simple at the same time. Haiku is it!

Blogger Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the Roamin' Cat said...

I'm not from this galaxy. Because I was an actual NDE, lemme share with you what I actually know Seventh-Heaven's gonna be like for us: meet this ex-mortal Upstairs for the most-extra-groovy, pleasure-beyond-measure, Ultra-Yummy-Reality-Addiction in the Great Beyond for a BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy, 101101101...-yummy-flavors you DO NOT wanna miss the smmmokin’-hot-deal. YES! For God, anything and everything and more! is possible!! Cya soon.


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